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1): There should be a change to the Constitution that requirements for President be not younger than 60 years.
2): Two term limit for President has failed. The nation is plagued with lame-duck syndrome. The country falls into a hole for two years. The limits should be ended. We'd get something done, politicians would try harder and elections would be more exciting.

There is only one tool to fight and win against Islamic Terrorism: Internationally coordinated compulsory Education - for all countries. An educated and therefore unified world. Otherwise, it will be a world divided.

Second: The conservative elements in Islam today are conducting a two-pronged war against the West. The game: keep the world's attention busy creating chaos and death in an area, which (2) then releases waves of immigrants to re-balance the populations and interject Islam in foreign lands. Their stated object is the eventual institution of world-wide Shari-ah Law, the destruction of "Western Civilization" for the dominance of Islam into the future.

As long as people believe there must be no difference in religions or cultures, for equality sake, they will allow their world to be subsumed by Islam.

At the present time, Americans have been taught that racism is bad and tend to lump all identifiers under that single banner. However, there are different cultures in the world, some of which teach their children a wholly differentiated and segregated set of rules for men and women, religion and way of life. There are world-views utterly apart from the modern civilized social orders established in Western countries. The 3000 attacks and 1200 rapes in one German city on New Years Eve 2016, bespeak of this.
The truth is: Cultures have trajectories. The West has a history where the Christians tortured and burned people. Time allowed them to mature and try to live their promise. Islam has many promises but they certainly are burning and beheading. Whether this will change in several hundred years is a guess.
We can see any given culture bears it's own fruit.
Culture is a matter of breeding from birth. It becomes wholly ingrained. It is relatively unchangeable in any generation.
Perhaps a media program devoted to the individual German victims would show they are like all women, mothers, sisters and daughters - such that all women might reflect that culture is a possibly irrevocable aspect to refugees and immigrant populations.
Letter to President Obama - sent to him during his Presidency after he lectured about criticism of his International policy being racist in nature.

The Islamic problem is a middle eastern problem. It is not about religion. It is not about race.
When we see a culture that raises its boys to rape women. To stone women, to burn women, then we see the middle east has begat a degraded and undeveloped state of culture, at least for their boys. Such horribly unsophisticated, socially mis-oriented and psychologically ruined people cannot be reclaimed during our lifetimes. Bringing them here, will not raise them up. They are already fully-formed human beings, raised in that culture. They will not change.
Enlightened education possibly could bring a new generation, but these are lost.
One must undertake the courage to engage a clear, intellectual honesty. This is NOT about religion and NOT about race. It is not race. There is no bigotry.
How does the explosion of rape all over Europe not expose the present state of Middle Eastern culture? The European rapes are not isolated crime, they are of an endemic cultural state.
Their culture taught their boys what women shall be for them. Those values are simply not western civilized values. The rapes are a symptom of the cultural fabric throughout the middle east.
The two cultures, middle eastern culture and Western culture - at this time - are incompatible. One cannot expect either to change.
And frankly, if you've listened, they've told you, over and over for years. They will not put up with our culture.
This concern is not about religion and not about race.
It may be appropriate to acknowledge that Islam is at war with all other religions and cultures. Their war is on many fronts and directed to supplanting the present social order throughout the civilized world. It is a world-wide Islamic revolution.

It should be forever taught in all war colleges that going to war means STAYING.
We stayed after WWII. If you leave, what you fought for will become undone. You have to stay.

Failed Nations Initiative - A Solution for Islamic Terrorism from Failed States- Where the road winds
Plan for eliminating terrorists and terrorist activities and permanently controlling failed states by the larger community of nations.

-Create Community of Civilized Nations and declare War on Extremism Worldwide.
-Legally define failed states and create plans to regulate them into a civilized future.
-Remove terrorists from society.
-Place failed states under supervised long-term restructuring plans which include permanently stable region areas.
-Create international education system, with international scholarship features to
       provide curriculums that include the sciences, history and languages, worldwide.

Community of Civilized Nations
Upon hearing of the atrocities, Gandhi said, “If there were ever a cause for war, it would be a war to stop the Nazis... “
I believe we have been placed in a world war. It has been brought to us.

Organized Islamic Terrorism is essentially guerrilla activity with no seated territory and therefore cannot be defeated by suppression in single geographical regions.
The use of military interdiction based on protecting a homeland, as well, equates to temporary political fixes that tend to leave open other areas for terrorist activities; where they will rise again with a renewed situation that is further exacerbating.
Therefore single countries, acting alone, cannot hope to defeat Islamic Terrorism. The scourge must be pursued in all countries, through all terror network associations and using all communications data. It needs to be routed out utterly.

Another aspect inherent to the Islamic Terrorist long range scheme is dynamic planning for sleeper cells. They not only plan to use groups imbedded in civilized countries for terrorist activities, it is likely they also hope to see sleeper-cells grow like viruses into a saturation network to eventually displace the present governmental system.
Such sleeper-cell activity will grow from their present meeting places in, and associated around, their local Mosques.
Of course, this problem has grown from poverty and lack of real education in place of terrorist teachings in religious schools and abetted in failed states throughout the middle east. It lives in three generations.

Therefore the only method of defeating Islamic Terrorism is a full, worldwide and coordinated response by the civilized nations acting together.
This may be accomplished through the UN or it may require forming a new organization of Civilized Nations.
The allied and axis of WWII now make up the present civilized countries threatened by Islamic Terrorism.

We will need to fully engage this new World War; where the Civilized Nations rid the world of extremism. And, - the civilized nations must permanently fill voids, as a factual matter.

   -We will not be able to leave.-

WWII was conducted properly, we won and did not leave. Leaving breeds failure.

However, the effort may well allow the civilized nations to coalesce into a more coordinated and comfortable order going forward.

The Civilized Nations will need to create criteria defining what constitutes a terrorist and terrorist activity, which should then be specified as outlaw activity.
1): We will need to analyze all the communications and web presence that has gone on and investigate every single recipient. All of his or her connections, their acquaintances and any and every one of their associates. They then need to be removed from society.
2): We will need to enlist the good Muslims who say their religion has been hijacked by these thugs and ask that they work to expose and remove those elements from their religion and the larger society.
3): We will need to hunt down and destroy all personnel and all societal support structures, including the abusive terrorist indoctrination centers masking as religious schools.

The Civilized Nations also need to set up a customized Failed State ‘Chapter 11’ regime tailored for individual countries where rogue nations are subsumed into a 60 year program for a civilized future.

Failed States
At some point, a failed nation has to regain itself and stand back up; or it becomes an open sore for the larger world, exporting terrorists and problems. Such situations lead the world to consider long-term international intervention.
The organization of Civilized Nations needs to create a legal criteria defining a failed state. Contingency-sets should be formulated, describing 20 year, 30 year and 60 year re-structuring plans that can be argued and adopted by the new Community of Civilized Nations for cases of rescuing nations that have met the criteria as hopelessly failed states. World peace and progress depends upon such.

Under such plans, a failed state simply relinquishes autonomy and gives over governance to a specified plan.
The military enjoins and otherwise occupies and the following is engaged:
-As this is war, all terrorist criminals are permanently expunged whenever they are encountered.
-Create or rebuild roads, power and infrastructure. Natural resource and energy sharing.
-Set up import / export and business investment. Arbitrate permanent Sunni and Shia regional areas.
-Most importantly: Create, rebuild and enhance schools systems where all children are to be educated for a civilized world.

The possibility of intervention requires that we make ready, prudent steps.

1): Making change in Islamic countries can be approached with economic incentives to established governments. Their citizens need an established, educated life in an international future. The civilized world needs Muslim countries to take part and contribute in the international economy and international social order.
Islamic terrorism has festered in contrived, manipulative religious schools.
Enlightening and educating youth is the only constant job for our civilization. Establishing an international life in Muslim countries requires stable social environments and elevated education throughout their societies.

2): Islamic governments that fail their people in stability and education in the modern world create the culture that produces terrorism. It is therefore incumbent upon the civilized world to ensure stability and good government in failed countries throughout the world.
With world help and support, successful Islamic countries could act as immediate controllers, shepherding their neighbor states through a specified plan.

Government and education then becomes both an international responsibility and an Islamic endeavor. Enjoining and sponsoring regional government becomes necessary international responsibility.
Children become educated in new school systems and as 20 years pass - a new generation will pursue successful lives in science and business.

Such effort must be international and structured.

Failed-State Chapter 11 - 60 year over-sight
The world is like a town - where different businesses are conducted. You can’t have one business polluting and poisoning the river that everyone uses. In a different world where the polluter is so far from anyone that there is no complaint, they are free to pollute all they want. However, when they affect all the others in a town - then the town needs rules; and everyone needs to abide the rules.

The world, now, is much like the “barrel of apples” metaphor. Countries really are so closely interacting that bad apples can infect the rest. Therefore a decree of powers from a pact including India, Russia, China, Europe and North America acting together, perhaps under Article Five, perhaps under new charter through the UN, or a new organization of Civilized Nations could place lawless and failed states under 30 to 60 year over-sight plans. They have failed their responsibility to run their nations. Their situation must then simply be controlled to a structure that creates correct actors, in business, productivity, science and education to become a healthy part of the greater world.

Control of failed states - by international pact.

We’ve been thinking that states should be sovereign - that we, as individuals, enjoy our independence - and it seems natural to think nations should be independent, etc.
We’ve also then become conditioned to a non-thought where these lands, when we have been required to go in, should then-after be released to find their destiny, etc. This just happened in Iraq and failed. Such will always fail because the root cause has not be eliminated.

The modern, inter-connected world has grown from our collective pasts and needs to acknowledge that failed states are poison pits that endanger the very future.
Individuals must be responsible actors, so must nations; where Poly-sovereignty may work better.

Failed states are wrecks or non-states and become breeding grounds that can wreak world-wide havoc. The modern era is too complex and too fragile to endure wrecked or failed states. The fabric of civilization is subject to renewal, generation to generation, and it can be degraded as fast. It is therefore incumbent upon the civilized nations to insure valid governance and responsible leadership throughout the web of nations. Therefore an international code of conduct needs to be embraced and adopted by creating the Community of Civilized Nations.

Islamic Terrorism has demanded we engage them and choose our future.

-Robert Cole

Terrorism Map
Our country has an acceptable model of dealing with whole nations that arm and attack us, army to army. Like a street fight - they call us out. We get that.
However radical religious insurgencies have been difficult because they present a model for which we have developed no effective strategies.

It would be more productive to look at countries harboring radicals as groups of people, some of whom have cancer. We should hope to have a 3D map showing just where the cancer lies.
A real-time 3D map of radical Islam could be created - which should superimpose upon a world map of countries. Such a map would expose the extra-national aspect and lay of radical groups. To separate the various sects and adherents from their seated countries in so far as they are non-sovereign entities.
This map should show densities and hot spots and enhanced status through time and institutional networks.

Summer 2015
Islamic Terrorism

This is the beginning of a series of articles to discuss ways in which Islamic terrorism might be dealt with peaceably.
1. Distribution of a new and carefully structured educational system for use throughout the world's countries could pave a civilized floor for the future, - everywhere.
Such a system would need to be written for all cultures and should be updateable via internet. Versions could be created in culturally acceptable and politically neutral countries. It should have backdoors that could allow updates and public access to avoid various kinds of possible localized censorship. This endeavor would be large scale with large budget and many donors.
Engaged, it's a venue that would allow appropriate distribution of low-cost and free computers, lap-tops and electronic work-pads, solar energy and solar panel supply; and be aligned with mirco-banking endeavors among other coordinated activities.

2. The Kurds have shown that ISIS can be defeated on a permanent basis when the citizens themselves have had enough and take back their own towns. Perhaps then, Islamic countries under their own internal machinations will work themselves to a national stability from which they might then hold a peaceful reckoning with the outside world. The world might define such circumstance and coordinate focused help.

3. However, at some point, a failed nation has to regain itself and stand back up; or it becomes an open sore for the larger world, exporting terrorists and problems. Such situations may force the world upon long-term international intervention. Simply, diaper-babies need parenting. Therefore, contingency-sets should be formulated, describing 20 year, 30 year and 60 year re-structuring plans that can be argued and adopted by the UN for cases of rescuing nations that have met the criteria as hopelessly failed states. World peace and progress may well depend upon such.

Islamist Conundrum

What's going to happen? - The House of Saud is changing. The leaders are gone and the Royal House is hoping to remain in power over a new societal balance. They are talking of transition to a kind of democracy.
The area has Shia Iran facing Sunni Arabia. The smaller countries are in chaos.
On a whole and left to themselves, we are likely to see a redraw of boundaries to reflect ethnicity and creed.
War beckons but we have the choice to remain on the outside until things either solidify to a possible stability, the preferred through arduous and lengthy path - or where fate might require we and the world intervene.

Letter on failed states in the middle east
Human nature shows us there may be subtleties beneath our present which dictate long term outcomes.
Examples: It has been long known when an army is put together to accomplish victory, the leader quickly finds the horde must have ever new territories to overcome - or all that was accomplished may be eaten by the very army that was created. Alexander had to keep moving, forever on, Toyotomi Hideyoshi conquered Japan but then had to go on after Korea, Hitler had to continue on to Russia. - Almost every time in history an army becomes big, it is so big, it becomes insatiable, gaining a life of its own. It's activities must then be channeled to retain control.  You can't have a force big enough to conquer the world and then tell them to go grow flowers.

Also, people need their particular brand of poison - the Russians need a Czar or a Stalin - the Japanese, an Emperor - or a Shogun.
Sometimes, a people need to be controlled - they'll throw off their freedom for a dictator if they are used to and inclined for a dictator. They like what they like. They'll return to what they like.

Thinking a few smart phones will sprinkle modern education to Islam's needy masses is not planning and not enough. I think their situation is deeper than that. While it might be possible for the leaders throughout the Islamic countries to make the necessary change, they would have to decide to end the terrorist dogma being taught in their religious schools and ruthlessly force a new and correct civility into their society.

I see no large-looming personality or group who might accomplish this.

Whoever changes those countries has to go after the very thing that has been taught and seen by them, if only by habitual talk, as their religion itself.
If the above were done and the states of poverty were dealt with; - and their gripes concerning Israel were mollified - and enough time passed so as to let the present population fall into maturity - maybe things would seem to change.

However, we are faced with the present, failed state crisis. Our approach has been to try and make patches. Against the backdrop of the social and religious causes underlining the present, any goofy patching endeavors, especially by the Evil great Satan Americanos will have no effectual change, none what-so-ever.

At present our politicians might well just keep doing the same, stupid stuff. It sounds outrageous to suggest a wholesale subjugation of an Islamic country. Of course, that is exactly what the Islamic countries have done to themselves, total subjugation.

However, as I wrote President Obama, while things may work out, where the Sunnis and Shia could re-organize, regionally and stabilize, we may find that, essentially, permanent occupation and re-eduction could be very nearly the only real medicine for these failed states.

Maybe the civilized world could surreptitiously create a modern, international  schools system that over time could accomplish real change throughout the world, including Islam. But these countries are presently an open wound and their situations and destinies are fluid.
A foundation for creating and running an international education system accounting localized culture but giving all children a full and normalized education in the sciences, languages, histories and correct world behavior may provide a better world ongoing. Not educating children is asking for continuing world chaos.

The old song:
There's a time to sow, and a time to reap
There's a time for war, and a time for peace.

If you don't sow, you will be unable to sow following year because you'll have starved to death.
This means there are times when you can't have peace
                                      until you've taken care of biz.

Return letter to President Obama
Thank you for writing, The Islamists bring a conundrum.
Let's look at the problem soberly. The poverty and state of religious teaching at the present time in Muslim countries have created a festering stew of illicit drug production and terrorism. Their armed militias and Jihadists are made up of poor, generally uneducated kids who suffer a religious doctrine they believe instructs them to destroy modern civilization in favor of world-wide Islamic adherence.

Terrorist groups view the modern world as a house of cards that is vulnerable, held together by food, power, and water delivery systems that are fragile. The financial system is fragile.
They believe they can overtake the world, as they have taken over cities and have confiscated the armaments and banks - Such people suddenly have riches beyond their wildest dreams and are successfully exploiting world-wide communications. They have a world-wide plan and they will not stop.

Religious zealots have brought down the world in the past. Ancient Rome saw packs of roving 14 year olds kill all the men, take all the women, take all the properties and destroy everything that was standing. They took the greatest art that was ever created and broke it apart in the streets. It was rape and mayhem followed by the Dark Ages.

Today, the Islamist plan dictates that the world shall be converted and all the world's children shall go to Muslim schools. In their plan, our children will not be taught the sciences and they will not be taught about us. Their plan unchecked, we will be gone and our world will be gone.

Yes, we can't keep returning to fight endless wars.

However, it may be that the only cure will necessarily become, essentially, a two fold series:

One, the West needs to win militarily and secure those lands. And it can't be temporary.

Two: War or not, there needs to be an international schools system created that allows local culture but educates all children. This is the key to maintaining a cohesive civilization and long-term peace into the future.

Children's lives must flower within an inclusive, robust, international economy - where regional import/export wealth and local production are shared and open. 
20 years following internationally coordinated schools systems will see educated, participating 20 year-olds, a permanent part of a civilized future.
Educated, bright careers and property-owning families.

Unfortunately, Islamist plans allow only two possibilities: Either they destroy us or we bring civilization to them.
They do not plan to stop.

Robert Cole
At the present time, these terrorist groups and individuals are known and can be known and where they will not stop, it is incumbent upon authority to go beyond monitoring and put a stop to it. To act. They act. Authority must act.
1/16/16 Letter to Tim on his negative feelings about Trump and the election:
That's exactly what any normally sane normal person should think - however, there is no one who will actually do the right thing for the country. Everything the regular elected people have done and the whole environment of discussion has created the situation we see. They are the "Establishment" and created it. All of it. - It needs to be burned down. That's why Bernie Sanders is popular on the left. Unfortunately, he'd raise taxes to build a socialist state.

I'd like to see one-payer health-care - get rid of the middlemen - no Republican will do that. So I have to eat it on that for now.

Those people, who called themselves liberal and Democrats - and who called themselves conservatives and Republican, took the cool-aid and engaged their foreign manufacturing and imports scheme so that they could make money. It is really the same people who signed up for the Iraq War - just make money. No thought, nor understanding, nor care - what the long term would be for our economy and country.

They - all of them, created a devolving slide. The politicians and those receiving the vast incomes from the world globalist economic situation had no thought other than greed.

The Islamists, on the other hand, think it's great because they have been at war with the West on many fronts. They have been invading Europe for almost 40 years. They have been invading this country as well. Their's is a religious expansion. They have time. They want Minerettes in every town - in every country. They can simply immigrate and expand. That's their "Soft War" - that is the real war that is afoot.

I realized, in reaction to Obama's statement about the negativity being raised about religion and about race, that it is not about race (which is always the big bugaboo) - when you have 1200 sexual attacks in one city in Germany on New Years, all from Muslim men - we see that such individuals are brought up in a repressed culture. It is that middle eastern culture that subjugates, rapes, burns and stones women. It is a full culture but not a civilized culture. Not in the modern sense.

So te concern is not race. And, of course, most people feel very reticent to talk about race. The whole subject is taboo. Everyone feels they may be treading on ground that others may misinterpret. So they flee from the subject.

Unfortunately, the Islamists will not stop. They are too poor, too uneducated and under-educated, and they are too far involved to turn their activities around.
Since the problem for us, for civilization, is the difference in culture. Their's being utterly undeveloped for the modern world; - we will have to come to the hard choices at some point. It won't be cured by hugging them, they won't be raised up with our being nice.

They are in a war for our demise.

An obvious planning scenario for Islamists in America
1): They will demand autonomy from Constitutional restrictions at their Mosques sighting "religious Freedom" to allow a confined special case for Sharia Law, being particular for Muslims and dictated by The Koran.
2): They will then expand that to include newly constructed schools and further, in time, to larger, planned communities. -
3): They will have established religious out-reach to the surrounding community that, at some point, will provide a base to argue inviolability for Sharia in communities who will have embraced Islam. Still, their special case.
$): They will seek to pass a threshold of acceptance from proselytizing in the general population to establish Islam as the major religion of America.

In a Nutshell - Money
The US buck is a translation of production, here in the USA, not elsewhere. The same is true of other denominations in other countries. The only power in any money is robust production.
This means the countries that manufacture are wealthy nations. A country that does not do it's manufacturing - becomes poor. It's money has no meat in it - no power. It's money necessarily becomes a method, with which rich countries can simply buy away assets.
All that money China has over there, is our wealth. We gave it to them. They got it from manufacturing. They are now the manufacturers.
This is why manufacturing must return to the US. - Returning manufacturing to the USA is the only way for our nation to regain its true strength. No manufacturing = no power.    See World Plan Money Flaws

It's simple: If we manufacture shirts and some middle-man has shirts made in China for cheap, we close our shirt industry and China makes shirts. However, if we return to making shirts, we buy our shirts and China has no one to sell to. China has to stop making shirts. Soon China imports shirts from us because we make shirts.  - Or they buy their own shirts.

When manufacturing is done outside the country, we give our money away and each dollar anyone has inside our country becomes worth less and less. The denomination itself gets washed out. And that's without the printing of money.

You see, the real product shipped out by those "middle-men" has actually been our very wealth. That is the actual product exchanged, our country's wealth has been middle-maned out to China. That's what China has been making and it is not reciprocating. China has imported our wealth, away from us.
Value of US Dollars = Production, Goods&Services and Industry of this country. All other derived values for dollars are ancillary.

When production and manufacturing leave our country, every present dollar -and all past, career investments, long-built business, home, family, stock portfolio and real estate - become devalued and weak.
When production and manufacturing return - strength and power returns to the US Dollar and all investments regain.

Moving money out of the country destroys the money-base itself.
Therefore all money-sins are forgiven by returning investment to production, here, in the United States.
US production by US citizens, in the US - makes US Dollars strong and our country strong. Returning production here heals all wounds.
Clinton created the harsh sentences for blacks, that he now disavows as having "gone too far".
He needs to walk away from NAFTA in the same way. It simply allowed middlemen to become rich exporting the wealth of the USA. We have Chinese junk, often fraudulent junk, and they have the wealth that we have forgone.

John Kennedy - decided to demand Russian retreat from Cuba. He had to choose to acquiesce - like everyone else in government has done before and since - but he went to a complete show-down, with world nuclear war as the only option. This was, by far, the strongest military and leadership stroke in the history of the United States.

In the building trades and code enforcement, when a structure is standing and otherwise safe, it is forgiven. It is "grandfathered in".
The present state of immigration must be the same, however, in any group, some are bad.
Therefore illegal immigrants need to register where their lives and histories can be examined. Good people, who are long time residents, whose children are productive US citizens, are forgiven. They stay.
Bad people, criminals, gangsters, dope runners, human traffickers, etc. They go.
We can secure the border.
The end. 
Here's one: We sue the drug cartels. They have billions in illegal money. We go after it. It equates to horrendous loss of our human capital.
They got it illegally and it isn't Mexico's. It's ours.

Three correct internal US policy moves
Straighten out Money - Returning the industrial might of the U.S. returns the power of U.S. money itself.
Straighten out Government - less is more. Stepped program to necessary only government, stripped down and well managed.
Straighten out Military - strong military. - and create world Education drive. Where we can see a future of an educated world citizenry.

Explore one payer health plan where science and specialized equipment advances are paid for and maintained by manufacturers. No treatments are declined. And internal investigative branch checks on cheaters. Excessive billing is public shame and career loss or criminal action. Science advances are rewarded with contracts and high accolade.
Of course, instituting any large system needs to be a stepped process where the established businesses can stand back under their internally directed plan or decide to be folded into the new.

It might be advantageous to change our approach to some aspects of criminal justice. Our habit, at this time, is to pursue a criminal under the expectation that he/she is alone at fault. However, that person may not have elevated themselves above a poor environment or even criminal environment.
A parent may vilely abuse a child such that when that child grows to break law concerning his own abuse of his children, perhaps his parents need to be prosecuted as accessories with equal punishment.
Perhaps parents should know at the outset - that their children's future actions will, in fact bring visitations onto themselves from society.

When an employer overlooks criminal  actions of his/her employees to the extent of culpability, perhaps that employee's criminal behavior needs to apply to the employer as an accessory.

"Globalism" could follow a new path by offering coordinated systems of development, where American expertise is engaged throughout the world. Digital expertaise, civil engineering, construction and architecture. The sciences. Educational programming, systems and infrastructure. Supported by international funds contributions.

Don't forget, it is possible to go too far
Human beings like pursuing goals, unfettered. A clear path to win.
This creates tunnel vision which obscures the over all long term result. No one's thinking when everyone is too busy winning.
The notions of balance and favorable result can become obscured in team-play.
Playing Sides: The famous phrase, "Politics creates odd bed-partners" Politics can be cleaver and can play both sides. It can bet both sides against each other. There can be many hidden things. Goals can often be the opposite of what is stated.
However, Team Play whether foolish or not, can create a tug of war that even prevents those very things sought.
Balanced Capitalism - The diabetes drug Herberprot from Cuba contrasts the extremes of social medicine on the one hand, against corporate capitalism. Any system unchecked, can be taken to extremes.
The Cuban doctors worked for the good of humanity but remained poor creating less ability to pursue research. Where American capitalism would push such a product into prohibitive pricing.

Is run-away pursuit, human nature?
Or can the notion of shepherding society for the overall long term good be undertaken in government? Can good government prevail against self-interest?